Beyond Childlessness

Hi, my name is Astrid von Weittenhiller

I guide involuntarily childless women towards a fulfilling life they love.

From woman without child to heroine of your life

- 2022 -
Certified Master

About Astrid von Weittenhiller

Astrid is a Master Certified Life Coach and expert for women who yearn for a fulfilling life beyond childlessness.
Since 2012, she has successfully guided over 800 women on their path to empowerment.

As a woman who was also unable to have children, Astrid knows the challenges of childlessness from her own experience. She successfully and enthusiastically uses her extensive coaching knowledge and deep empathy to help her clients make a good life better.

I'm your Coach!

Whether you prefer to talk to me alone, learn from others in a group, or are just looking for a single session, I'm here for you.

Embrace Acceptance

Foster inner strength to move beyond current circumstances.

Nurture Confidence

Experience renewed self-belief and courage to dream.

Reignite Passion

Discover new passions and create a life you love.


We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

Explore your coaching options

Individual Coaching 1:1

Use the intensive time alone with me to reinvent yourself after the unfulfilled dream of having a child.

Just you and me - and a safe space for all your issues.

How many people do you meet where you feel you are allowed to just be who you are? Astrid is one of them. At the same time, she is focused and stays on target. And I love her humor! Janka U.

Succeed with the group

You are not alone and not the only one with your questions. Use the power of a group.

Whoever is being coached, everyone gets help. Our struggles are the same when we get to the root of it.

Thank you. Your coaching has helped me so much to move from deep shame to understanding myself better. Anne S.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Single session

As a former client you can book a single session here.

Please contact me and ask for a discount code for your first session!

It's incredible what we can accomplish even in 20 minutes. I have never dived so deeply into my feelings before. Now I know how to really allow them. Simone H.

Astrid really knows how to get to the root of the problem or the causes of developments and blockages in no time at all.

She knows exactly what she is talking about, absolutely fantastic! I have never experienced something like that before, and I am quite experienced in coaching.

Chris I.  

Hear what they say

I love the combination of razor sharp intellect, zero tolerance for bullshit and great compassion & good fun - that for me is your trademark.


I feel we have a great connection. And even though you know the inner workings of my mind better than I know yours, I know for sure: you’re a hell of a coach.


Reinvent yourself - Start now

Involuntary childlessness is not the end - it's just the beginning.

I guide involuntarily childless women to the fulfilling life that is already waiting for them.