A warm welcome to

Astrid von Weittenhiller

I coach involuntarily childless women so that they can make peace with their unfulfillable desire, regain their strength and start their new adventure.
Certified by
Chamber of commerce

Master Certified Life Coach,
unwanted childless and still happy,
and enthusiastic adventuress.

From Woman Without Child to Heroine of Your Life


We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

My Journey

From a very young age, I was convinced that I would have three children later in life.

But later never came.
I didn't get pregnant.

For many years, I suffered more than I could ever have imagined.
Secret tears in the washroom. Cramped smiles when a colleague came by with her baby. And renewed anger and disappointment every month.

Why me?
Why not me?

I was stuck in my desire to have children - in my idea of how it should be. And that rubbed off on everything in my life. Everything seemed bland, colorless, wrong.

You know those tips about staying away from friends with children? That time heals all wounds?

Some pics of me from baby until today

Astrid over the years

I have tried so many methods on my journey for my personal healing.

Yes, time has made the pain more bearable. But it was only when I stopped blaming myself and learned how to accept my life that I was ready to take the next steps. Now I could find a new purpose and give my life new meaning.

And that's how I found peace.

It is my desire, that

  • you get the help I wished I had back then,
  • you no longer feel miserable and remain in a state of waiting,
  • you realize how much more you have to offer.

And not just after years, but possibly in the next few weeks.

I strongly believe that every woman is unique. With very special qualities and abilities that we need.

You deserve a fulfilled life.
You deserve a future that you love - full of possibilities, full of excitement.

Today I am more myself than ever before.
And I'll show you how you can achieve that too.

Life coaching – clarity of mind and new ways of thinking – is the key.

Life Coach With Passion!

In the four years from May 2020 to April 2024 alone, I helped over 2,000 people with a wide variety of problems as a life coach.

Successfully and with great enthusiasm.

But general life coaching isn't all I offer.

Now I specifically help other women like me.
Women with a great longing to have kids - and that remained unfulfilled.

No children of her own, but still happy.

I don't help to make it come true. Women come to me who want to close the chapter for whatever reason.

But many still feel the pain. They think it's just a matter of time for this wound to heal. But it doesn't have to take that long.

And many don't know what to do with their lives now, or don't dare to set themselves new goals.
That's understandable, given that a supposedly simple wish was already out of reach.

I am convinced that each of us can create a fulfilled life for ourselves.

Quicker and easier than you might think.
Full of meaning and enjoyment of life.
Without a child, as the heroine of your life.

And I'm here to help you achieve it.

Life Coaching redefined

My heart beats like crazy with joy when I work with a woman who wants to create a fulfilling future for herself.
But I'm not the right coach for everyone - because my approach is a little special.

Many other coaches tell you what to do.
Their methods and tools focus on behavior change. They give you instructions.

I also give you helpful knowledge. But you decide what to do and how to do it - with the support you need, of course.

With me, you get to the root of the issues.
Safe and effective.

For new insights, conscious decisions and self-determination.

You learn what you can and cannot control. And we work with your inner self so you no longer need to be afraid of emotions that used to throw you off your stride.

This isn't always comfortable. But it's effective and, above all, sustainable.
Because I'll show you how to become your own coach - even when I'm not with you.

I am your companion, your safety net.
And you're in the driving seat of your life.

The Basis

My coaching is based on four fundamental beliefs:


Nothing is broken. You're exactly right the way you are.


Your greatest freedom lies in your decisions.


You are, were and always will be 100% valuable.


There is an inner knowing that always means well with you.

We need every woman, exactly as she is.
We need every woman, not only moms.

From woman without child to heroine of your life

Are you ready to give up your desire to have a baby and start your new life?

Don't wait any longer.

Start today and dare to take your first step.

I'll show you how to turn pain into pleasure and frustration into freedom.

Fun Facts about Astrid


I love being outdoors the most. On foot, with a backpack and tent. I spend hours researching cool equipment or raving about new tours.

Walking and running, in the sun or rain. I'm there!

Die da?!

Just 19 years old, I left the Stuttgart area. With mixed feelings and yet grateful.
As a reminder, I stand with VfB.

What's more, Fanta 4 were with me in my favorite disco before they became successful. We don't know each other, but of course I'm a fan!


Adventures have always been my great passion.
As a child, I acted out movies, later I played different roles dressed up in castles.

But I also love fantasy stories and thrillers.
GNU Terry Pratchett!

I don't have a dream, I have a vision:

I want to bring (unwanted) childlessness for women out of the taboo zone.

My goal is 10,000 new heroines who have gathered courage and are now inspired to take off.
So that they can create the fulfilled and meaningful life that was waiting for them all along.
For themselves - and for all of us.

We don't only need moms. We need every woman.

My life coaching journey

Yes, I collect certificates ;-)
Brooke Castillo

The Art of Life Coaching.

• The Self-Coaching Model
• Using thought work and feelings

Foto: Brooke Castillo

Barbara Sher and Astrid

Success Teams and Scanners.

• Obstacles become strategies
• Self-concept as a coach

Foto: Barbara Sher

Martina Martin, Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw and Astrid

Methods and Tools.

• Drama is self-generated
• Distance offers an overview

Foto: Bettina Seidel-Whitelaw & Martina Martin

Michaela Merten, Pierre Franckh and Astrid

My First Contact with Coaching.

• Letting things go
• Affirmations are not my thing

Foto: MICHAELA Merten & Pierre Franckh

Barbara Sher Coach
Master Certified Life Coach
Advanced Deep Dive Coach by Bev Aron
Business Coach Academy
Certified Coach by The Life Coach School

During our coaching session, I managed to successfully master the very first - sometimes scary - phase of my reorientation and I'm really looking forward to my future.

Please let Astrid know she blew my mind. She took me down an unexpected path, and it was a Revelation! Kind of turned my brain on it's side!
The wonderful thing about Astrid is that you never feel stupid when she explains something to you. Not even if you don't understand very simple things or something doesn't work straight away.
That's very rare. Thank you for that.

It was painful for you not to become a mom?

Now you're struggling with the shattered pieces of your life?

I can help you.

  • You'll learn how to deal with all your emotions.
  • You'll find a way to accept what is.
  • You'll rewrite your past as the heroine of your story.
  • You'll reclaim your strength and self-confidence.
  • You'll create a life that is much better than you expected.
It's time for a new beginning!

My mission is to help all the secretly crying women who dreamed of being a mom - and it didn't work out.

I have created a safe space where women like you can be seen and heard, so that we can all re-energize and explore the fulfilling and exciting life after childlessness.

And you are warmly invited to join us.

Astrid at work
This part of my work is only for women.

It's as simple as that - and then again, it's not. Because it doesn't really matter what kind of woman you are. It doesn't matter where you come from, what others say about you, how you were born, who you love.

As long as you feel addressed here and identify yourself as a woman, you are very welcome.

Dieser Teil meiner Arbeit ist nur für Frauen.

So einfach ist es - und auch wieder nicht. Denn tatsächlich ist es egal, was für eine Frau du bist. Es spielt keine Rolle, woher du kommst, was andere über dich sagen, wie du geboren wurdest, wen du liebst.

Solange du dich hier angesprochen fühlst und dich selbst als Frau identifizierst, bist du herzlich willkommen.

I also like working with men.

But I have no idea what they go through when they are confronted with involuntary childlessness.
So: Sorry, guys! Not this time.

If you are not a woman struggling with unfulfilled childlessness, I am happy to be there for you as a general life coach.

Please contact me, and we'll find out how I can help you.

Interested in working with me?